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You gotta love bold, Texan belt buckles y’all. And I especially love this vintage Wolf Brand Chili one.

Crazy come from behind win last night! 31-30, Bellville.
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If you pick up the latest issue of @real_simple magazine and turn to page 193 you’ll find a photo and some words by me.

This weekend I’ll be traveling all over to uncover what makes Texas uniquely bold.

Looking for something bold and flavorful? Check out the Wolf Brand Chili booth at the Texas State Fair, y’all!

Sight means waking up early to watch the Texas sunrise.

@Toms is helping raise awareness for blindness & visual impairment this World Sight Day. What does sight mean to you? #givesight

80% of what a child learns in the first 12 years of life is through vision.

Today is World Sight Day and @toms is asking: what does sight mean to you? To me, sight means the chance to capture beautiful moments with new friends. #givesight


'Five Days in Egypt'
See more photos and some snippets from my travel diary on my VSCO Journal.

285 million people are blind or visually impaired. 80% don’t have to be. This World Sight Day, @toms asked what sight means to me. Sight means taking the long way home to travel on old roads. #givesight

#artistinitiative #vsco

#artistinitiative #vsco